The story behind tech

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The story behind tech

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What is this things? is a platform to help digital talents get full-time, part-time or freelance jobs remotely from within and outside the country. Digital talents can build their own website portfolio and can be easily found by thousands of service users from home and abroad.

In this community, members are expected to be able to share experiences, knowledge, information, and job opportunity in the fields of:

  • Software engineering
  • Consultancy
  • Data entry
  • Sales
  • Designs
  • Teaching / Mentoring
  • Voice over
  • Copywriters
  • Video / Animation
  • Translation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Etc.

The tech stack behind it

The website are being built upon React with NextJS for the frontend and NodeJS with NestJS as the main backend. We are building the backend with monolithic at first and gradually moving into microservice infrastructure to further scale up our backend for future. For the communication between our microservice, we use GRPC as our protocol service. Also we use mongodb as our database to make easy scaling and communicate with each microservice regarding dynamic data structure.

For styling the frontend, we were using Chakra UI to speed and ease up the development since they have pre-made components that are very well documented and maintained. One of the features that we like about Chakra UI is the way to write their responsiveness code which can be done in the props instead of writing media queries and more lines of codes.

On the other hand Chakra UI has few disadvantages, since they are using emotion (CSS in JS) which means there will be computational run time styling happening that will slow down the website performance as indicated on our recent page speed / light house test which for mobile is around 30–40 score on average.

We also plan to share our experiences in the next post regarding why and what we are doing to solve our issue with our current tech stack.